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At the Centre for Film and Media Studies (CFMS) we believe that we can play a vital role in developing the skills of young filmmakers, and not just those registered for courses at the University of Cape Town (UCT).  Our vision includes offering learning opportunities to previously disadvantaged aspiring filmmakers and creating and distributing powerful and unique videos that can be used as educational and outreach tools.

It is out of this vision that Stepping Stone Outreach Programme was initiated by Prof Ian Glenn and conceptualised by Dr Liani Maasdorp.  Hein Ungerer, formerly head of training at the SABC and one of the country’s leading television investigative television producers, serves as the lead trainer. The training programme was initiated as a way to provide aspiring filmmakers who are not registered for UCT Screen Production courses access to the knowledge, facilities, equipment and skills needed to make a start in video production. 

Going forward

We have learned many positive lessons through running Stepping Stone Video Training, and we believe that our offering only improves with each cycle. We are excited about being able to provide diverse programmes, including multi-camera and promo (documentary) production. We hope to run many more rounds of this very worthwhile project. Interest from UCT staff has been overwhelming, and we anticipate that the number of projects proposed for production will continue to grow.