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Stepping Stone Programme Staff

The specialised training provided as part of Stepping Stone Video Training course requires specialised skills. The following seasoned staff are behind the programme ‘s success;

Dr Liani Maasdorp

 (Academic Director (UCT TV Studio) & Senior Lecturer in Screen Production (CFMS)

Liani serves as creative director and editing trainer of Stepping Stone. (For Liani‘s full profile see UCT TV Staff Profile page).


Lisa Drennan

(Head Trainer)

Lisa Drennan teaches non-fiction storytelling and narrative structure, as well as advising on concept selection and basic principles of production for non-fiction and/or talk show content.  

She has just completed her MA in Documentary Arts at the University of Cape Town whilst working at UCT TV as the content producer and has been involved in the Stepping Stone programme from the onset in various roles.

Lisa is passionate about youth training and skills development and hopes to further her studies in Learning Theory and Practice.

 You can email  Lisa at: /


Alan Johannes

(Chief Technical Officer (UCT TV)

 Alan provides camera and studio training. (For Alan's full profile see UCT TV Staff Profile page).


(Stepping Stone Co-ordinator)