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Feedback from Participants

Since this programme was initiated we have received positive feedback from UCT departments whose projects were used to produce promotional videos during Stepping Stone training. On the other hand the film production skills the eager young filmmakers acquired during the course have been immense.  The young filmmakers have grown, not only in their film skills, but also in confidence and interpersonal communication skills. 

Some feedback from participants:

"I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I had barely any practical film-making skills prior to the course. However, the course provided me with these skills, and I now feel confident enough in my own abilities to go out and produce my own short films".  (Jessi)

"This course was definitely a worthwhile experience, as it gave me insight into certain aspects of film making that I haven’t been exposed to. It was challenging and I really did enjoy being there every day".  (Abner)

 "[I was pleasantly surprised] that we will actually get certificates when we complete [and] that it is free, as this is rare to find. Also the fact that we got to work with much, much experienced people in the Industry and the Mentors were amazing and helpful". (Sandiswa)

"In 2018, in the beginning of July, I joined the Stepping Stone programme. This was my second time being interviewed. I applied in 2017, and I did not get accepted back then. This course helped boost my creativity and my knowledge. Today, I work as an intern at Film Afrika, which is a feature film company. I am currently busy writing a script regarding a couple, and family feuds. I am also part of the shooting and post-production crew on a programme called “Roof Top Live” where artists come together to showcase their talent." (Amy, 2019)

The departments whose social responsiveness programmes have benefited from having films made about their work see the films as powerful tools for raising awareness and funds that will enable them to continue their outreach work.