UCT TV hosts a ScreenCubator Producers Workshop

14 Aug 2019 - 13:00


UCT TV hosted a Producers Workshop on the 2nd of August 2019, which forms part of UCT TV's ScreenCubator series. TV producer, Liezel Vermeulen facilitated the workshop which explored key notes and tips on funding and budgeting for film productions. Vermeulen kicked off the workshop noting the importance of curating a financial plan for one’s productions and listed the various ways to manage one.

Liezel Vermeulen addressing the audience at the ScreenCubator Producers Workshop.        

Participants were a mixed group of screen production students, film and media associates and Stepping Stone Alumni who all listened attentively and asked questions throughout the course of the workshop. Vermeulen continued to share insights on drawing up funding proposals and also delved into budgeting and scheduling tips.  She highlighted the three main elements that need top consideration in the creation of a Budget Top sheet include: The labour costs – pre-production, on set costs / production, and post-production. She further mentioned a few important budgeting guidelines which included: listing basic assumptions about one’s project and always creating more than one version of a budget. She also shared various cost saving tips too.

The workshop followed with a short interval where everyone got the chance to mingle and discuss the points made in the first segment of the workshop.

 Thabo Bopape, Morgan Morris and Liezel Vermeulen in discussion during the tea break.

The workshop ended off with a discussion on ways to source funding for productions which included seeking a loan from the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), potentially opting to do co-productions where costs can be distributed amongst co-producers, seeking crowd funding or funding from private investors and lastly, researching available film grants such as ones offered by the NFVF. The audience became more animated as this discussion progressed and further engaged with the facilitator around the details of NFVF development funding. Liezel explained in great detail the criteria and selection process for the NFVF funding which is still currently open.

Zinobulali Goduka (front row -2nd from left) asking Liezel Vermeulen a question.

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