UCT TV 's Screencubator Project Successful Hosted a Mobile Filmmaking Workshop

23 Aug 2018 - 09:30

                               Chelsea Geach representing Social Weaver

On the 16th of August 2018, UCT TV in collaboration with Social Weaver hosted a workshop in teaching participants how to use their phones to produce creative content. More and more people are using portable electronic devices for storytelling. With the rise of smartphones, anyone can become a filmmaker or mobile journalist. Nonetheless, creating good content can be tricky.

Michael Salzwedel & Chelsea Geach from Social Weaver facilitated this special event and led the progam. They shared their wealth of knowledge and experience in the field. Various topics were covered, including appropriate way to hold your phone depending on application or platform one is creating content for, what equipment to use as well as the different types of shot composition that make for compelling storytelling and viewing.

  Michael Salzwedel (L) speaking about  media platforms available to publish content.

We discussed ethics as privacy and anonymity must be taken seriously when filming human subjects. After demonstrating the how to film an interview, participants were paired and given the opportunity to shoot their own sequence.

The afternoon session was more practical. Participants were introduced to various apps recommended for shooting, editing, audio recording and photography. Then, it was time to edit their interviews. The Mobile Filmmaking Workshop ended with a viewing of the participants’ edited pieces, and brief critique.

Special thanks to Social Weaver for making this very valuable learning opportunity a rich success.

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