UCT TV’s CTO attends the Mediatech Africa

30 Aug 2019 - 10:45


Chief Technical Officer, Clement Nchabeleng represented UCT TV at the Mediatech Africa this past July from the 17th to the 19th. The grand media and entertainment technology trade show brought together diverse groups of people, from students to high end professionals, showcasing current technological solutions available to offer an exciting world of multimedia production, storage and delivery experience. The biannual event is open to anyone who is interested in media technology being it lighting, sound, music, disk jockeying, video, film, designing, animation, data/storage management, broadcasting and transmissions at no additional besides the R100 ticket price. Some of the visitors who registered online were lucky enough to get free tickets.

                                   Visitors at the Mediatech Africa trade show.

Nchabeleng shares with us what stood out for him at the trade show. He says “My primary interests were in storage systems, broadcast monitors, Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS) and cloud-based media asset management systems as these are the current main needs for UCT TV studio to migrate to digital. One of the solutions that stood out for me was therefore the Elastic File System (EFS) Storage and Flow both from EditShare, LCC and was exhibited by Protea Electronics.

Above my targets, I was also attracted by the new ARRI cameras and lighting systems by Visual Impact, the black magic presentations on audio consoles, blackbox’s digital lighting, Grass Valley’s vision mixing systems to name just a few.”


Marius van Straaten (Visual Impact) and Clement Nchabeleng attend the Mediatech Africa.

Nchabeleng also shares some advice for anyone who plans to attend the next Mediatech Africa. He notes that it is important to “have a plan and set a goal of what you would like to achieve when attending Mediatech Africa.” He further notes, “It is always good to know what the other categories do and link to your category, but the media and entertainment industry is broad, and you will never cover everything that is exhibited. The smartest move would be to stick to your lane by exploring your category 1st and then you can move to the other categories once you are done.” Nchabeleng further hopes that for the next trade show he could bring along some of his team members from UCT TV.

            Protea Electronics exhibition at the Media tech Africa trade show.

If you would like to find out more information on Mediatech Africa follow the link here

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