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Meet Our ScreenCubatees!

We are excited to introduce you to our ScreenCubatees supported by the Percy Fox  Foundation.

Jesse Brown

Jesse Brown joined the ScreenCubator programme in 2017. This was his first attempt at directing a short film with a project called “February”. This short movie wrapped in 2018 and he is currently waiting to get feedback from prospective festivals. In 2019, Jesse is finishing his Masters in Creative Writing at UCT. He also works in post-production with a small short film project/web series titled “Cruise”. It is a cell phone dramedy that was shot at the end of 2018.

Jesse says: “ScreenCubator graciously provided me with a b-roll camera kit and sound equipment, as well as facilitating valuable pre-production consultations with established South African producer Mariza Matshaya. I found the consultations very useful as it meant a smoother production experience. Overall, ScreenCubator gave me the momentum to see my passion project through.”

Sandiswa Tshefu

Sandiswa Tshefu has been a ScreenCubatee for two years and is currently working on “Ubizo Lwethu”, a documentary about homosexual traditional healers. She was mentored by Dr. Lwazi Manzi, an executive producer working at Spier Films. Her project is almost complete as it’s in post-production.

She believes that the ScreenCubator programme is a great initiative, especially for Stepping Stone graduates, who are passionate about telling stories but lack resources to do so. Sandiswa regularly make use of the film production equipment and post-production facilities at the studio.

Jimmy Magala

The Democratic Republic of Congo born Jimmy Magala joined the ScreenCubator  programme in 2018. He is currently working on a film, which chronicles the life of a renowned Cape Town based Congolese musician, Mermans Mosengo. Jimmy’s film shows Mosengo travelling throughout Africa and more recently throughout the Unites States with his internationally acclaimed “Playing for Change” group.

Jimmy describes ScreenCubator programme as a great opportunity to grow in the filmmaking industry for young emerging filmmakers coming from the UCT‘s Stepping Stone programme. Jimmy, like fellow Screencubatee Sandiswa Tshefu, has enjoyed access to UCT TV‘s equipment pool and post-production facilities.    

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Ashleigh Da Silva

Ashleigh Da Silva  pitched her project in 2017. She was excited by the interest it received from the Screencubator panel. She wrapped up her  film project last year.

She is currently working on a short documentary film called ‘Blend’. It follows an inter-racial couple and their obstacles around this. Ashleigh hopes to finalise this project in 2019.

Ashleigh says: “ScreenCubator is really great - I think when I pitched it was a bit more relaxed to actually be part of the programme, but when I initially needed camera and sound gear that was really helpful, as well as the actual practice of pitching - something I had not done before. I found it to be a great learning experience to do that, as well as receiving good advice from panellists on where to move with the narrative of the film.”

Hangula Lucas Lukas

Hangula Lucas Lukas is from Eersterivier Cape Town. He participated in the ScreenCubator programme for fourteen months. He is currently working on a social networking app for creatives.

Hangula says: "I think the ScreenCubator is an excellent platform base to expose new talent and ideas to the creative industry and allowing for the exposure of those ideas. I was afforded the opportunity to access studio equipment which helped me to shoot interviews with. I have also benefited from expert mentorship from industry professionals in the field of business and marketing."