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Meet Our 2018 African Filmmaking Fellows

2018 African Filmmaking Fellows!

Ruth Nazzinda  

Country: Uganda

Title: Lecturer/Director of Photography

Institution: Kyambogo University

Ruth is a lecturer at Kyambogo University in Kampala and lectures in television and radio production, news and script writing. Additionally, she supervises practical news reporting, photo journalism and writing in the field. She currently holds a Masters degree in Mass Communication. Nazzinda also works at OLa Visualz, a film production company in Uganda, and serves as a production manager and director of photography. As a filmmaker, she works across a range of professional fields which include directing, photography for works of fiction and documentary. She has worked on a number of documentary and fiction films including “Misconception’’ which was directed by Jessica Yu - an Oscar award winning documentary filmmaker; ‘Imperial Blue’ a feature film produced in Uganda and directed by a British director; ‘Boda Boda Thieves’ and ‘Kai the Vendor’, a short film. She is passionate about African storytelling, and hopes to see African growth using film as a means of communication.

Sharon Nanfunka

Country: Uganda

Title: Editor / Camera Operator

Institution: Kyambogo University

Sharon  is a graduate from Kyambogo University with a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication and is specialised in editing and camera operating. She has worked on different documentary films including ‘Idi Amin’s Boat’, ‘Misconception’, ‘Mulerwa’, ‘Inside Impact’  and many others. Currently Sharon works as an editor and camera operator with OLa Visualz Studios, a film production company in Uganda. Her passion for film has persistently pushed her to gain skills in filmmaking which she wants to use to teach others.

Bhekizulu Tshuma

Country: Zimbabwe

Title: Online Professional Instructor

Institution: National University of Science & Technology (NUST)

Bhekizulu  is an Online Professional Instructor in the department of Journalism and Media Studies at the National University of Science and Technology. He received both his MSC and BSc in Journalism and Media Studies from NUST. Prior to joining the department he was a reporter at Radio Dialogue FM, a community radio station and at the Sunday News, a weekly newspaper. His research interests are in Media and Democracy, Online Media and Politics.

Samkeliso Ncube

 Country: Zimbabwe

Title: MSc in Journalism and Media Studies Student

Institution: National University of Science & Technology (NUST)

Samkeliso who holds a BSc (Honours) Degree in Journalism and Media Studies from the National University of Science and Technology (NUST). She graduated with an upper second class (2.1). She is currently pursuing an MSc in Journalism and Media Studies with NUST. To date, she has amassed a reasonably sufficient body of knowledge in communication, research, news writing, report writing and public relations. She is hardworking and diligent and has an inquisitive nature, thus she is analytical and inclined to research more.

Tesfagebrel Tekola

Country: Ethiopia

Title: Broadcast Journalism Lecturer/Media Production Manager

Institution: Mekelle University

 Tesfagebrel holds a BA and MA in Journalism and Communication and is currently a lecturer at Mekelle University in the Department of Journalism and Communication. Since joining Mekelle University, he has been teaching Broadcast Journalism courses including news and documentary production. Moreover, he has worked as a Course Team Leader and is the Media Production Manager of the department.

He is profoundly passionate about photography and aspires to tell stories that can positively impact his community.

Yodit Bayissa

Country: Ethiopia

Title: Print & Web Journalism Graduate

Institution: Addis Ababa University

Yodit acquired a BA degree in Print and Web journalism from Addis Ababa University. Starting off her professional experience at the Ethiopian Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ESOG), she reported on health issues, specifically on maternal and child health. Presently, her responsibilities at ESOG include hosting a weekly radio program and writing an article on a weekly Amharic newspaper called Addis Admas. Currently at the final stage of completing her thesis titled “Media Coverage of Gender roles: The case of all-female operated flight in Ethiopia”, she is working as a Networking and Partnership Promotion Officer at the Center for Human Rights Addis Ababa University.

Yodit is immensely inspired to tell stories of outstanding women to allow younger generation to learn and be encouraged by their success.

 Mercy Mangwana Mubaiwa

Country: Zimbabwe

Title: MA Media Studies Student/Producer /Director

Institution: Midlands State University (MSU)

 At the age of 23, Mercy is a director and producer cum writer. Grooming her love for film production and research over the years, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Media and Society Studies in 2017 from Midlands State University (MSU). Currently studying towards a Master of Philosophy in Media Studies at MSU, her research descriptively tackles the distribution of film. Her passion for writing is unbounded. She has, and continues to centre her research on women, media, culture, film, politics and citizenship.

Dr Oswelled Ureke

Country: Zimbabwe

Title: Media and Society Studies Lecturer

Institution: Midlands State University (MSU)

Oswelled  is a lecturer in the Department of Media and Society Studies at Midlands State University (MSU). In addition to his role as a lecturer, he holds a GES post-doctoral research fellow position in the Communication Studies Department at University of Johannesburg coupled with an acquired PhD in Cultural and Media Studies from the University of KwaZulu Natal’s (UKZN) Centre for Communication Media and Society (CCMS). Oswelled has published several articles in peer-reviewed, internationally accredited journals, and previously worked as a video producer and journalist. Oswelled’s research interests combine theoretical and practical aspects of screen media studies, as well as new media and journalism. He remains actively engaged in documentary video production as a producer, script-writer, camera person and video editor.