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The African Filmmaking Fellowship (AFF) is a new initiative aimed at bringing postgraduate students and their lecturers/supervisors from a variety of African universities together in Cape Town, South Africa for a seven week, full time residency programme that will equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to produce short documentaries and to establish their own documentary production short courses. 

The aims of the AFF are to:

  • facilitate practical video production skills training
  • share knowledge about developing and producing short documentary films
  • provide the knowledge and resources needed to establish and run video production short courses at participants’ home universities
  • encourage the establishment of video production short course at participants’ home universities
  • establish a network of African postgraduate students and academics that can collaborate on film productions and academic research in the future
  • support post-graduate students and academics interested in empowering youth with the skills to tell their own stories through film

Successful applicants will be offered the following:

  • five week full time Stepping Stone short documentary production course, which culminates in the production of a five-minute documentary or promotional video
  • one week youth media facilitator training course
  • one day cell phone filmmaking masterclass
  • return flight to Cape Town
  • accommodation for the duration of the programme

The ideal candidate is someone who:

  • has an interest in video/film production and/or documentary filmmaking, but doesn’t necessarily have existing practical production skills
  •  has a keen interest in sharing the knowledge s/he gains in the programme with others at her/his home university or in the communities s/he works or conducts research in
  • is passionate about sharing real stories and enabling others to tell their own stories
  • wants to use film/video for advocacy, education, empowerment, social justice or to share her/his research with others
  •  is currently registered for a post-graduate degree at a university in Africa OR is currently teaching at a university in Africa
  •  wants to travel and meet new people 
  •  wants to collaborate with other academics and filmmakers from across Africa in the future

Please note:

  • you need to apply as a two-person team consisting of one post-graduate student and one lecturer/supervisor
  • you must be based at an African University
  • If your lecturer/supervisor is unable to accompany you for the training, please contact us to discuss

2018 Course Dates:

  • The training will run from the 29th of October  to the 14th of  December 2018 at UCT Television Studio, Baxter Theatre, Rondebosch in Cape Town, South Africa.

Deadline for Application Submission:

  • Closing date for applications: Wednesday, 26 September 2018 at 12:00pm. Please email the completed application form to:

Download 2018 Application Form

The application form is provided in PDF format for printing, so you will need a PDF viewer such as Adobe Acrobat to open the files. 

Downloaded the AFF 2018 application form here.

AFF is an initiative of the University of Cape Town's Centre for Film and Media Studies(CFMS). AFF receives financial support from the Robert Bosch Stiftung.Stepping Stone community engagement video training is supported by the Fox Foundation, UCT CFMS and UCT Television Studio.