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Situated on two levels in the Baxter Theatre Centre, UCT Television Studio which is managed by the Centre for Film and Media studies offers a 9 x 12m, fully soundproofed staging area with an overhead lighting grid and adjacent control room. This control area houses equipment for both High Definition and Standard definition video recording, with the HD section able to extend studio function by generating ‘virtual studio sets’.

 Built to BBC specifications, with all-round ‘Hereklith’ audio-dampening cladding, the space is  good  for sound recording.  As well as being used as a video and audio production facility, the studio is the perfect space for practical workshops, used extensively by Film and Media Studies , and Drama students.

 Adjacent rooms provide facilities for audio and video post-production, in the form of Final Cut Pro edit suites.  The studio also houses a multi-purpose audio and video duplicating area which allows for format conversion and transfers, e.g.  tape to DVD.