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Impact Springboard 2019: Shortlisted Films

We are excited to announce the Impact Springboard shortlisted films. The event is supported by DFA, UCT and Encounters networks.

 Murder in Paris – Pourquoi / Why, Dulcie September?

 Liezel Vermeulen (impact producer) | Enver Samuel (director)


Impact Producer: Liezel Vermeulen is an experienced documentary film producer, starting her career in teaching tv theory at Rhodes University, specialising in documentary filmmaking.  During a four-year period, she supervised 26 short documentaries. Liezel has extensive experience in administering the DTI Film and TV incentive for documentary, animation and live action projects and has contributed to DTI policy papers in the areas of animation, post-production and documentary incentives. Liezel has been the financial controller and DTI administrator for a wildlife project based in Cape Town that delivered 80 hours of nature programming, the biggest 4K delivery out of SA to date.

Director: Enver Samuel has studied both practical and theoretical aspects of Film and Television both locally and abroad in England, Australia and Germany.  A scholarship enabled him to obtain a BA in Media Studies at Edith Cowan University, Australia 1990-1993.  Enver served on the Film and Publication Board from 1998-2014 and the National Film & Video Foundation training and bursary advisory panel from 2012-18.  Enver is a SAFTA Judge and a board member for the Documentary Filmmakers Association.  Enver has won two SAFTA’s for his documentary Indians Can’t Fly and one for Someone To Blame – The Ahmed Timol Inquest.

Film Sypnosis: For the past 30 years, Dutch investigative journalist Evelyn Groenink has tried to piece together why the ANC Luxembourg, Switzerland and French representative, Dulcie September, was assassinated in Paris on 29 March 1988 as she unlocked the ANC’s offices at 28, Rue des Petites-Ecuries. September, 52 year old at the time, was shot five times with a .22 calibre silenced rifle. Why was this principled cadre and former school teacher murdered? Twenty thousand Parisians marched to mourn her, many carrying posters reading “Dulcie was our friend”. Dulcie’s work in Paris included the everyday lobbying of an ANC representative, but her notes reveal that she was secretly investigating the clandestine arms trade between France and the South Africa apartheid regime. The French investigation into her death was closed after 10 years and the Truth and Reconciliation Committee findings were inconclusive.  Thirty years on and no-one has been charged with her murder.

A killing in the Winelands

Daneel Knoetze (director/producer)

Impact Producer & Director: Daneel Knoetze is the founder of Viewfinder, an ‘accountability journalism’ platform which will launch with a major project later this year. He is an alumnus of the Fulbright program’s Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship 2017/18, during which he studied at Arizona State University and completed a professional affiliation at Reveal from the Centre of Investigative Reporting in San Francisco. Previously, he was the communications officer at Ndifuna Ukwazi and a news reporter for GroundUp and the Cape Argus. Daneel holds a BA (Hons) in Journalism and Media Studies from Rhodes University.

Film Sypnosis: A Killing in the Winelands (runtime: 24 minutes) revisits the assassination style killing of Letsekang Thokoane by a group of police officers during the farm worker strike in De Doorns in 2013. Six years after their last contact, former news journalist Daneel Knoetze tracks Letsekang’s brother, Atang Thokoane, to a farm outside Ceres. Together, they return to De Doorns to uncover the circumstances surrounding Letsekang's death. They also set out to investigate why the killers were not held accountable. But, the questions surrounding Letsekang's death soon leads to the unravelling of a web of police brutality, impunity and cover-ups which extends across the entire South Africa.

The Water Dancers

Daniel Ndevu (impact producer)

Impact Producer: Daniel is a creative producer and educator from South Africa and a graduate of the University of Cape Town. His award-winning films have screened in Hollywood, Toronto, across Europe and Africa. He is energized by connecting people and stories to the best tools and platforms they need to succeed. Daniel brings to his productions his skills with networking talent and crowdfunding. Under the management of Daniel and his team, The Water Dancers led a successful crowdfunding campaign amounting to a pledge of 116% of required funds. Most recently, his film The Water Dancers won the Golden Horn at the 13th South African Film and Television Awards for “Best Student Film” while another, There’s Still Good, won “Best Music” at the LGBT Toronto Film Festival in Canada. Daniel is currently based in Tokyo, Japan.

Film Sypnosis: Dragonflies are the sentinels of the Earth. Being among the oldest creatures on our planet, they have lived in harmony with the indigenous plants and animals of Earth’s bountiful landscapes for 300 million years. We came, we conquered and we evicted them from their habitats. Now, South Africa's scientists are turning back to nature’s messenger, the dragonfly, for a new way forward in conservation, using a system of connected corridors, called Ecological Networks. The Water Dancers, a name from the Zulu Jigamanzi, literally 'dancing on water,' invites you into the precious world of the small things to discover how their sensitive nature can help us design a passage into the future.


Sarin Drew (director/producer)

Impact Producer & Director: 

Sarin provides a unique perspective as founder the film production company,The V Company. She is currently completing her Master's degree on the decolonization of media at the University of Cape Town. She previously holds a BA(Hons) in Film, Media and International Relations from UCT and UKZN. Her experience varies in the media industry as a journalist for company's from eNCA broadcaster to Conde Naste Publishing. To social justice work with the United Nations Development Capital Fund and Dogmative Network. Her work as a producer for clients at the GIBBS Institute, Sky Vodka and Basa Uhuru Festival. She has hosted dialogues and workshops on decolonization with PEN SA, Maruf Netherlands and the Queer Muslim Al-Fitrah NGO. All while hosting various student activations within Johannesburg called The Art House, encouraging experimental content. Her recent ventures include working with television development at Okuhle Media, creating a political feminist talk show and her personal brand, Saza Danielles.


Sypnosis: Blaqutopia is a docuseries following the lives of select African youth politicians, activists and artists. It is a five year time lapse of their progression from small beginnings to social movements. The first part takes us on the journey of time traveller, Anele (18), as she conquers her fears, after her mothers’ death, to become one of Wits’ most prominent leaders during the Fees Must Fall movement.