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ScreenCubator is a programme run by the UCT TV Studio with support from the Fox Foundation and The Centre for Film and Media Studies at UCT. It grew out of the Stepping Stone Community Engagement Video Programme and was developed in response to a need from Stepping Stone alumni for support of their first professional productions, or to launch their own production companies.

ScreenCubator’s vision is to support emerging filmmakers in the production of their first short film, or in the production of a trailer that they can use to secure financial support for a mid-length or feature length film. We favour social justice content, particularly documentary film, but we also support various projects and media including fiction short film and web platforms.

Support mainly takes the form of access to equipment and facilities, professional mentorship, and consultations with established filmmakers, including story consultants, producers, and directors.

Another important aspect of the ScreenCubator offering is seminar days where we tackle the early career questions and concerns that our alumni share with us. We also have a pitching day once or twice a year (dependant on funding available), where five to ten projects are selected from submitted proposals. The selected projects are then supported for six months to a year.