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Meet Our 2016 African Filmmaking Fellows

Get To Know Our Fellows!

Dr. Anulika Agina

Country: Nigeria

Title: Lecturer - Media and Communication

Institution: Pan-Atlantic University

Añulika  holds a PhD in Media and Communication studies from the University of Westminster. She teaches communication theory and media research methods at the Pan-Atlantic University, Lagos, where she convenes a bi-monthly film screening and discussion forum, Film Plus. Her current research is on film, social change and peace-building, as well as on cinema audiences. She has a forthcoming co-edited book, African Film Cultures, with Winston Mano and Barbara Knorpp.

Nkem Ikeh

Country: Nigeria

Title: MSc Degree in  Media and Communication Student

Institution: Pan-Atlantic University

Nkem is an aspiring filmmaker. She has a B.A in English and Literary Studies from Veritas University Abuja, and Master’s Degree (in-view) from the School of Media and Communication in Pan-Atlantic University, her interest in the limitless possibilities of the media grows with each passing day. Teaching for two years at a secondary school prior to enrolling for her Masters degree, Nkem hopes to return to the teaching profession sometime in the near future armed the knowledge to inspire the emerging generation.

Clayton Moyo

Country: Zimbabwe

Title: Broadcast Media Professional Instructor

Institution: National University of Science & Technology (NUST)

Clayton teaches broadcast media at the National University of Science and Technology in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. He previously worked for Radio Dialogue as a producer/presenter working on news and current affairs. He has worked on multimedia projects since 2011 and he has an interest in the use of digital platforms for storytelling. Currently, he is working on research projects on the adoption of social media in Zimbabwean newsrooms. He holds a Masters of Science Degree in Journalism and Media Studies and a Post Graduate Diploma in Higher Education from the National University of Science and Technology.

Lungile Tshuma

Country: Zimbabwe

Title: MSc Degree in Journalism and Media Studies Student

Institution: National University of Science & Technology (NUST)

Lungile is a Journalism and Media Studies student at the National University of Science and Technology in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. He gained his journalistic experience having worked for Sunday News as a reporter. His area of interest is documentary filmmaking and animation. He holds a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Journalism and Media Studies from the National University of Science and Technology.

Macphersson Mutale

Country: Zambia

Title: Radio Station Manager

Institution: University of Zambia

Macphersson  is a  Social Entrepreneur, Media Consultant, Social Commentator, Youth Activist, TV and Radio Producer, Web Designer, Graphic Designer. He comes from Zambia and currently managing the University of Zambia Radio station. Macphersson is in the process of setting up his own Television Station Called Mozo Television whose licence has already been issued and now doing the set up.

He is passionate about film production and has done a number of productions the most recent one been ‘I Cant Be Held Back’ a short feature about domestic violence. Been selected for this course could not have been more timely.

John Thuku

Country: Kenya

Title: Film Production Officer

Institution: University of Nairobi

John is a Film Production officer, working at the Department of Film Services in Kenya. He is also studying towards an MA in Communication Studies at University of Nairobi. He is a two time winner of Kalasha TV and Film awards (2011, 2014) for best documentary film. He is also serve as a communication practitioner at Nutrition Voices of Kenya, a community based organization. John is a member of Nakuru Film Makers Association.

 Karugu Mureithi

Country: Kenya

Title: Lecturer - Film and Communication Studies

Institution: St. Paul’s University

Karugu  is a Lecturer in the Communication Department at St. Paul’s University, he teaches Film and Communication studies.  He holds a masters degree in film production. He is a professional film maker with over 10 years experience across a range of core professional fields including Film production: Picture composition, Persuasive camera techniques in picture making, directing single and multi camera productions, Mise-en-scene, art directing, set designing, controlling all lighting treatment, both technically and artistically, directing, managing, directing high profile talk shows, film editing, documentary production. He has produced, directed and written documentaries, short films and commercials. He is passionate about studying and teaching film language and grammar. His documentary “ Nurtured with love ” was nominated (Best Documentary) for the Kalasha International Film/TV award 2015; His film Seed of a daffodil won numerous prices including best director at the Kenya National Drama/Film festivals.

Karugu is currently studying towards a  PhD in Film Studies at Kenyatta University.

Geoffrey Abraham Bakiraasa Ssenoga

Country: Uganda

Title: Technical Instructor TV

Institution: Uganda Christian University

Ugandan documentary film maker, Geoffrey Abraham is a member of faculty at Uganda Christian University’s department of Mass communication where he has instructed undergraduate students in Television production since 2008. He joined the faculty from Uganda Television, the country’s public broadcaster where he was the Head of Documentary production and Current affairs for 15 years. His legacy is seen in the archival footage of Uganda’s political and social history which he helped gather and construct in numerous national and international documentaries. One outstanding title is The Silent Tribe, a documentary about his African‘s view of Danish society, which provoked a reflexive new year speech by the Danish Prime Minister in 1995 calling on Denmark to re-examine its social cultural attitudes towards people on the fringes of their dynamic modern society. Geoffrey also writes reviews of African films, one of which is the viral KONY 2012 Jason Russel film published in the Journal of African Media Studies, 2013. Geoffrey looks forward to a time when documentary film making will occupy a key position in the capturing and storage of the African historical experience as is the case in the Western and Oriental cultures. He is currently engaged in researching on Adapting African Literature to Film.

Timothy Atwine

Country: Uganda

Title: Filmmaker/Lecturer/Student

Institution: Uganda Christian University

Timothy  is a Ugandan filmmaker, a multimedia journalist and a lecturer. He lives in Kampala. He graduated in 2009 with a BA (Hons) in Mass Communication from Uganda Christian University. In March 2012, he graduated with a Diploma in Filmmaking from Kampala film school, Kampala University. He is currently a Masters in Journalism and Media studies candidate at Uganda Christian University.

Asemahagn Aseres Bantie

Country: Ethiopia

Title: Lecturer - Television Production

Institution: Addis Ababa University

Asemahagn is a lecturer in the School of Journalism and Communication and teaching several courses including Television Production, Television News Writing and Reporting, Television Documentary and Entertainment, Television News Practicum, Development Communication/Journalism, Advanced Reporting and Broadcast Interviewing and Discussion. He is a practitioner to produce radio programmes and television documentaries. He holds a BA degree in Broadcast Journalism (Television Journalism) with Great Distinction from Addis Ababa University and a MA in Journalism and Communication from Addis Ababa University in 2010.

Birhane Tadesse

Country: Ethiopia

Title: MA in Journalism and Communication Student

Institution: Addis Ababa University

Birhane graduated with great distinction (GPA 3.72) Bachelor Degree in Arts in Journalism and communication from Mekelle University June 2013.and now she studies at Addis Ababa University in the master’s program in the School of Journalism and Communication. Her master’s thesis area looks for the impact of new media on mainstream media, especially on newspaper reading.